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          An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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          Events & Exhibits

          Our students share their talents with the Westminster community through events and exhibits throughout the year. We invite you to enjoy an orchestra concert, soak in an art show, watch the Westminster Players take the stage, and more. 

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          July 2020
          Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
          Sun, Jun 28
          Mon, Jun 29
          Tue, Jun 30
          Wed, Jul 1
          Thu, Jul 2
          Fri, Jul 3
          Sat, Jul 4
          Sun, Jul 5
          Mon, Jul 6
          Tue, Jul 7
          Wed, Jul 8
          Thu, Jul 9
          Fri, Jul 10
          Sat, Jul 11
          Sun, Jul 12
          Mon, Jul 13
          Tue, Jul 14
          Wed, Jul 15
          Thu, Jul 16
          Fri, Jul 17
          Sat, Jul 18
          Sun, Jul 19
          Mon, Jul 20
          Tue, Jul 21
          Wed, Jul 22
          Thu, Jul 23
          Fri, Jul 24
          Sat, Jul 25
          Sun, Jul 26
          Mon, Jul 27
          Tue, Jul 28
          Wed, Jul 29
          Thu, Jul 30
          Fri, Jul 31
          Sat, Aug 1

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